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Information Regarding Stents


In the current atmosphere surrounding the Coronary Stents the patients of cardiology are facing insecurities and doubts of their treatment. In this regard, for the reassurance of patients treated at FIC, it is declared with full responsibility that:

    1. All Stents used at FIC are of very high quality. These are in use in USA and European Countries and are registered with FDA (USA) and DRAP.

    2. The institute has always followed the rules and regulations of health department and PPRA for the purchase of Stents aswell as other devices and disposables.

    3. The purchase process goes through various stages supervised by the authorized Committees of senior members of Faculty and Administration. No individual is allowed to make any decision single handedly.

    4. The prices of the all devices and disposables are determined after competitive tender process and in case of anydiscrepancies the accounts and audit wing makes necessary deductions accordingto the Govt. rules.

    5. The stents used in the last year andcurrently are as following:Image titleImage title

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