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Electro Medical & Engineering Department

The Electro-Medical Engineering Department was established in August 2011 with the personal interest of then Executive Director Prof. Dr. Raja Pervaiz Akhtar. In a very short time it made a marvelous contribution to the development of FIC, with highly professional Engineers and Assistant Engineers. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics departments are associated to the Electro-medical Engineering department with respect to their work. The  department has following scope of work: 

  • Training of hospital staff in the use and maintenance of equipment.

  • Provision of round the clock back up support.

  • Repair of faulty equipment.

  • Laison with the manufactureres and suppliers of equipment.

  • Assistance of purchase department for procurement of latest equipment.

The department has made a very rapid progress in a very short time. The Electro-Medical team is committed to their work in 24/7 to facilitate the patients. Dedicated laboratory has been established for on site service and repair. The modern testing equipments have been installed recently for improvement of efficiency.

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